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Birds of Feather Flock Together

Students recall important details from literature about birds, using Google Drawing.
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Westside Elementary Norfolk, Nebraska
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Students will be able to...

  • recall and present details of  literature about , using ipad video and Google Drawing.
  • write a sentence about those details, within the Google Drawing.
  • orally present their Google Drawing to the class.
English Language Arts
English Language Learning
Grades 2 – 4
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1 The Hook

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     Introduce students to birds by showing them the YouTube video about the Spotted Owl. After watching the video, discuss as a class new vocabulary they may have heard.  List these words on the board, and discuss.  If applicable, add words to their vocabulary journals. 


2 Direct Instruction

     Using the SmartBoard, present the story, An Owl is a Bird. Before reading the story, ask the students to predict what the story will be about, based on the title and the photograph.  Next, discuss with the students that the genre of this piece is non-fiction, and the characteristics of non-fiction literature. Finally, ask the students to think about and listen for interesting information they learn about owls as they listen.

     Read the story to the students.  Next, read the story with the students, and finally, read the story alone again to them.  Next, ask students to brainstorm important details they remember from the story.  Record about three of these on the SmartBoard, using Smart Notebook.  Model how to write the details into correct sentence structures.  

3 Group Practice

       Group students in pairs, and present the story, What Is a Bird? on ReadWorksDigital. Read it a total of three times, as in the direct instruction.  Next, students will record each other, using iPad video, orally describing one detail about the story. After the video has been completed, students will upload them into their SeeSaw account.  Next, students will each write their one detail in a sentence, on whiteboards.  The teacher will be monitoring all activity, and observing as a formative assessment.  

4 Independent work and assessment

  Present the final piece, Mommy Bird Feeds Her Chicks, to the students, following the same procedure as before.  Next, students will independently create a Google Drawing of two details from the story.  The rubric will be explained to the students.  They will use photos and sentences to portray those details.  Next, students will orally present their Google Drawing to the class.  This project will be uploaded onto their SeeSaw account.  

5 Wrap Up

    Students will orally present their Google Drawings on the SmartBoard, to the class.