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Biography using Adobe Spark

This is a reading and writing activity where students research a special person and write a summary of their lives using the adobe spark page.
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Students will be able to...

1.  identify important information from the text.

2. sequence the events in the correct order

3. organize information with supporting details

4.  choose pictures to accompany the text given.

5. design a adobe spark page that tells the story of the special person that they researched. 

6. edit, revise and organize events and pictures in order

6. present adobe spark page to the class

English Language Arts
Grades 2
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1 reading/research

Activity: Reading

Teacher will introduce the genre of biographies to the class.  The teacher will share with the class the books that are available to them.  The websites available for this research will also be shared.  

A short summary of what the person/s are knows for will be described as a way for students to know whether or not they would like to research that person.  

Student Instructions

Students will be given time to explore books and websites available, and decide which person they would liket o research.  

2 identify important vs. interesting information from text

Activity: Reading

This skill will be modeled by the teacher using the biography of Abraham Lincoln.  The teacher will demonstrate how to evaluate information and classify according to whether it is crucial to the person's life or if its just nice to know.  

the teacher will model how to synthesize the important facts and put them on a post it for late use.  

Student Instructions

Students will be asked to read and evaluate the information given in the biography according to the categories described.  Students will be provided time to read and research the special person and sequence the events that they have chosen from the text.    Students will be encouraged to put the information from the text in their own words.  

3 Creating Adobe Spark Page (biography)

Students will be provided an example of an finished Spark Page that presents the story of a special persons life.  Instructions on how to create the page will be explicitly described and demonstrated.  

The teacher will model and demonstrate how to add pictures to support the important information.  

Student Instructions

Students will be instructed to begin creating their adobe spark page of the biography.  

Students will be able to identify important information and provide the information necessary to tell the special persons life.

Students will be guided through the tools available to them to choose videos and pictures that support their topic.