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Lesson on the importance of citing your sources and how to create a bibliography.
Jacquelyn W.
Media specialist/librarian
Canyon Creek Elementary School
Aurora, United States
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My Grades K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Students will be able to define plagiarism.

Students will create a bibliographic citation. 

English Language Arts
Grades 4 – 5
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1 Hook

Activity: Conversing

Describe a scenario where a student opens a classmate's lunch box, takes out their snack and eats it. Would that be okay? What would that be called? 

Now ask--Can you steal and idea? Discussion.

Introduce the word plagiarism and tell that it can be avoided by citing your sources. This video will tell you more.

2 Direct Instruction

Before you show the Brain Pop Plagiarism Video give students these questions:

What is plagiarism? What are some ways people plagiarize? What is a bibliography?

After the video have students give answers to questions.

Put dates, phones numbers, locker combinations, etc on the board without any formatting. A date would look like this: 51314. Ask students what they think these numbers are. Then reveal the information with formatting: 5/13/14. Now ask what that number means. They will all get it. Stress that sometimes formatting makes all the difference and that this is the case with citing your sources. 

Show Citing Sources Brain Pop video. 

Now we will use a tool that will make creating a bibliography with proper formatting easy.

3 Guided Practice

Free, Paid

Demonstrate EasyBib--entering the title of a book, finding the correct book and exporting the citation to a word document or Google doc. Then demonstrate finding a book by ISBN.

Using books in the classroom students work in partners to create a bibliographic citation for a book using EasyBib and export it to a Google doc.

4 Independent Practice

Free, Paid

Working independently students create a bibliography of their top 3 favorite classroom library books and export it to Google docs. They share it with 3 other students to comment. 

Students must complete a bibliography of their 3 favorites and comment on 2 of their classmates bibliographies.

5 Wrap-Up

Students take the quizzes for Plagiarism and Citing Sources video to self assess.