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Being Responsible And Respecting Privacy

It is important to keep personal information private.
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Students will be able to explain what privacy is, what types of information should always be private, and how to keep their information private online.  Students will be able to describe how reasons support specific points the author makes in a text.

English Language Arts
Grades 2
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1 Mini-Lesson

Activity: Presenting

Show students a bunch of keys. Ask the students what keys are used for. Why do we have to keep our house locked and safe? What are some other things we keep locked up? Create and chart a list of answers.

Student Instructions

Why do we have to keep these things locked in a safe and secure place? Because they are private and belong to us.Elicit that privacy is keeping your personal and valuable information to yourself safe and secure and away from others.

2 Guided/ Independent / Share

Show a fake webpage or a class Edmodo page with text posted by a student. Ask the class: “What is one thing the student posted that should be kept private?”

Have students work in pairs or independently and cross out other information that should remain private.

Student Instructions

Have a student volunteer cross it out on the SmartBoard or say it out loud.(Address, phone number, school name, friends’ first and last names, a person in the school the student does not like).Create a page for demonstration and one for a handout at: http://www.classtools.net/fb/home/page

Have students share out what information should be kept private and why.

Have them  discuss:

What are two things students can do to keep the information private?

1. Not sharing his/her password with others

2. Not posting the information online