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Being A Safe Digital Cititzen

There are precautions students can take to be safe online.
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Students will learn and be able to dramatize situations that show a clear understanding of Internet safety. Students will analyze and make appropriate decisions about Internet safety scenarios presented by the teachers and peers.

Social Studies
Grades 4
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1 Mini Lesson & Guided Practice

Introduce and discuss Netsmartz Internet Safety Pledge.

Model a scenario of a student using the Internet and ask students advice about what the student should do in that situation.

Student Instructions

Turn and talk with a partner about good and bad online behaviors. What are they? How can we stay safe?

2 Independent PRactice

Activity: Exploring

Have students work in pairs to analyze and make decisions about the other situations.

Student Instructions

Students should share out giving reasons for their decisions. Students can also create their own situations or report on similar situations they have encountered.

3 Sharing/ Reflection & Assessment

There are many ways to practice safety online. What  some students  practice might be different from precautions others take. Let's listen to each others' answers as we reflect on how to always practice safety online.

Student Instructions

Student pairs share answers orally. Students may also make additional statements to add to an Internet Safety Chart or Poster. Students may go online and take the Safekids Online Safety & Civility Quiz. They must obtain a score of 80 % or better.