Lesson Plan

Beginning Powerpoint

This lesson is designed to teach students what powerpoint is and what is used for.
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Students will be able to... Complete a graphic organizer to prewrite their presentation. Create a basic presentation using their prewrite.

English Language Arts
Grades 3 – 5
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1 Hook

Introduce the video and explain that students need to be looking at the information and how it is portrayed. Preface the video by explaining that you understand this video is not for students at this age but that we are looking at the video to gain insight into how to present information in a way that is interesting to the reader.

Student Instructions

Look at the video from a critical point of view. List some things that the author does that make the powerpoint video interesting and appealing to the reader. How is the information conveyed to you? What animations and transitions does the author use in their video that make it more entertaining?

2 Mini-Lesson

Activity: Conversing

Explain to students that we are doing a presentation on the alphabet. Each student will receive a letter and need to show three different things that begin with that letter. Show them the PowerPoint that you created on A. Talk about what components the students notice.

Student Instructions

Discuss with the group things that you notice in the A powerpoint and also in the video and what makes them good presentation components.

3 Activity

Hand out the graphic organizer. Explain that writing comes into all branches of learning including technology. Tell the students this is the prewrite step of their presentation. Each box represents a slide and they need to make notes on what they are going to put on each slide. Show them the example for the A is for presentation. Have them transfer their prewrite into powerpoint.

Student Instructions

Fill in your graphic organizer with notes on what will go on each slide. Use the example A is for graphic organizer in order to help you get ideas for what to include in yours.When you are finished transfer your information into powerpoint.

4 Wrap-Up

Activity: Conversing

Explain that the students need to share one thing that they are planning on including in their powerpoint that they put on their organizer. Also have students discuss why preplanning may be helpful.

Student Instructions

Share out one thing you used on your graphic organizer. Think, Pair, Share what the benefits of pre planning like this might be.