Lesson Plan

Basic Number Flow

Developing fluency in addition and subtraction facts within 10 using mental strategies.
Linda F.
Title I Math Specialist
Guyandotte Elementary School (Huntington, WV)
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Students will be able to...

  • fluently add and subtract within 10 using mental strategies



Grades K – 1
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1 Hook


To start the lesson I will play Ways to make 10, 9+1 video from Mr.R.'s World of Math and Science about how to add.. This should grab the student's attention and capture their interest into math time. 


2 Direct Instruction

4 Independent Practice


 The students will play on the app "Number Bonds Memorizer - Learn addition & subtraction fact families up to 10 with math memory game for kids" to review additing and subtracting facts to 10. 


5 Wrap-Up