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Basic Adding

Be a serial mistake-maker to demonstrate your understanding
Fanny P.
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Students will be able to:

  • Practice basic adding
  • Develop their resilience (positive role of making mistakes)
Grades K – 2
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1 Tuning in

Teachers show a BrainPOP video on basic adding (suggestion: use pausing and maybe cc). Teacher pauses and ask questions that help students rephrase and show their understanding.

Ask students some easy additions (pre-assess them): they use their iPad (educreation) to write their answer and show you. Operations: 1+1 , 1+2 , 1+1+2 ...

Student Instructions

Students watch the video together. Students answer the teacher's questions in between parts of the video.

Students use their iPad (the app "Educreation") and write answers to the operations asked by the teacher.

2 Playground

Make groups (rotate):

One group work offline (worksheet parts from the BrainPOP video)

One work with iPad app (Motion Math: Hungry fish),

One on Montessori Counting or Addition (1st Operations)

Student Instructions

Students go to their station and start working. Every 15 min, they change groups.

3 Fail forward: Being a serial-mistake maker!

Back together:

Easy Quiz (use projector): fail forward / be a serial-mistake maker. Ask the students which answers are NOT the right answers. Students definitely need to know the correct answer to identify the wrong ones so this exercise is very fruitful.

Extend: Breakout EDU (integrate the maths skills into your Unit of Inquiry)

Student Instructions

Students answer the Easy Quiz about the BrainPOP lesson the way the teacher requested: by telling which answers are incorrect.

Students could play a Breakout EDU game (check the games per grades and subject. You could check "Saving the Planet" for instance).