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Teacher-Created Lesson Plan

Barbie Bungie Jump for STEM

Keep Barbie intact using scatterplots to build bungie cords
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Students will be able to

  • measure distance Barbie falls with differing lengths of bungie cord
  • discuss science vocabulary associated with bungie cords
  • construct a chart to record data from experiment
  • work collaboratively during project
  • plot data points on graph and determine line of best fit (regression line)
  • predict number of rubber bands needed for thrilling bungie jump
  • create summary of project using digital media
English Language Arts
Grades 6 – 8
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1 Hook: Introduction to Bungie Jumping Science

Teacher will lead a discussion on bungie jumping using the following guiding questions to promote student engagement and response.

  1. Have any of you been bungie jumping? Where?
  2. What was it like? 
  3. What kind of safety precautions were followed?
  4. Was it fun? Would you do it again?

After the discussion, students will view a video from TedEd on the science vocabulary for bungie jumping and complete the activities associated with the video. 

TedEd link: Bungie Jumping: Science Behind the Fun

Introduce direct instruction components for the next day.

35 - 40 Minutes

Student Instructions

Participate in discussion, contributing to conversation by providing insights from questions or others comments.

Watch video from TEDEd to learn key vocabulary on bungie jumping and complete forum component. 

2 Direct Instruction

The educator will model the steps needed for the remainder of the project. 

  1. Demonstrate how to connect rubber bands to Barbie
  2. Model how to loop rubber bands to create the scale bungie cord for Barbie
  3. Explain how to work cooperatively to measure peak distance fell for each jump
  4. Model recording data on chart
  5. Students will be assigned into groups of 3-5 participants
  6. Using the Desmos website or app, re-activate students knowledge of coordinate graphing of x,y point on a Cartesian graph
  7. Review how to create scatter plot and find the regression line
  8. Students will be directed to access the teacher website (housed on Weebly)to review information throughout the project

Some parameters students will need to know:

  • Measure distance fell in centimeters (cm)
  • Use a stable surface in the classroom: desk, table, bookcase, etc. Student FEET stay on floor.
  • Start with a bungie cord of two rubberbands
  • Perform several jumps at each length to increase accuracy of measurement
  • After each test jump, add one rubber band 
  • Repeat until Barbie hits ground - find a higher surface to perform test
  • The jump will occur from 442 cm
  • Barbie's head should not hit ground - thrilling jump will allow her head to fall within 32 cm of ground
  • Remind students they are not allowed to test from the culminating height

30 Minutes

3 Guided Practice

Data Collection

The students begin collecting data for the bungie jumps. The jump will start with two rubber bands.

  • Accuracy is important for each jump 
  • Record on chart

Low Tech Option: Teacher will assist students with Cartesian Graph paper and chart. Students will record data on chart and plot x,y point on graph. Student will need to label axis, units, and come up with scale for the graph.

High Tech Option: Teacher will assist students with the app Numbers for iPad. The app includes a template under Education for a Correlation Project (modified example available HERE) . If not using the linked spreadsheet, students will need to adapt the spreadsheet for the activity. This will include:

  • Title
  • Chart
  • Directions
  • Graph

Incorporate lesson from Khan Academy scatterplots as a review on how to find slope of line as needed. Teacher will monitor students and assist as needed. Lesson: https://www.khanacademy.org/math/cc-eighth-grade-math/cc-8th-data/cc-8th-scatter-plots/e/constructing-scatter-plots Scaffold students as needed with technology, math, or measurement aspects.

45 Minutes

4 Independent Practice: Data Collection and Predictions


Students continue to aggregate data, record measurements, plot points, and complete the scatterplot. By the end of this session, students need a hypothesis of how many rubber bands will be needed for the thrilling jump by Barbie from 442 cm (this is the height of the roof at the school). The bungie needs to be assembled to include the required number of rubber bands as jumps occur the next class session.

Rubric for thrilling jump grade scale:


Distance from Ground (cm)


32 cm or less (without hitting head)


33 cm to 63 cm


64 cm to 94 cm


95 cm or greater

45 - 90 minutes

Student Instructions

Gather data on Barbie drop length using a variety of heights that can be found in the classroom.

FEET stay on floor at all times!

Make sure to conduct multiple jumps for each bungie cord length and find the mean before plotting on you Cartesian graph. The goal is to estimate the number of rubber bands  needed for Barbie to have a thrilling jump from 442 cm.


5 Culminating Jump and Extension Activity

Google Drive
Free, Paid

Barbie will drop from the preselected height while students record the jumps using IOS devices. The scale for distance from the ground will be attached to the wall below the jump station and student observers will be in place to assist in determing drop distance. Groups will receive three oppportunities to drop Barbie, best "jump" will be scored using rubric.

Using Google Drive, Office 365, or other collaborative application, students will complete a reflection on the project from the group perspective. This will include open questions and ratings of group collaboration performance. Suggested questions:

  • What were some challenges during the project? Explain
  • Did adding rubber bands to the bungie cord always increase the distance Barbie fell? Was it proportional?
  • What is the slope of your line of best fit?
  • How did working as group enhance the project? What were some issues the group experienced?

Additionally, student will storyboard a video or trailer before editiing footage from the activities using iMovie. The video will include footage from all groups jumps. If permissable, students will share videos to social media. 

45 - 90 Minutes