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Learn how to play badminton well
Richard W.
Classroom teacher
Emory University
Atlanta, United States
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My Grades 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
My Subjects Health & Wellness

Students will be able to understand the basic rules of a badminton tournament. They should also try to master basic skills by applying what they learned in class. Students will be able to achieve this by matching definitions with concepts and identifying some badminton movements shown. Once the basic movements can be performed with proficiency (mechanism), they should move on to "adaptation" stage to modify movement patterns to learn some more advanced skills. In order to reach this goal, students will need to practice more outside the class. For players in doubles, they should also develop collaboration and communication skills together with their teammates. 

Health & Wellness
Grades 5 – 8
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1 Attention Getter (2 minutes)

Free, Paid

Let students watch several YouTube clips showing segments of a badminton tournament so that students can develop some interest in badminton.  I want to choose YouTube for this introduction part because YouTube provides such a great amount of resources that can best help me reach my goal of intriguing my students' interest. After gaining deeper interest, they will be more willing to learn how to play badminton. 

2 Direct Instruction (5 minutes)

Prezi Classic
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I will use Prezi to teach students about the basic rules in a badminton tournament. Also, teach students about some basic badminton terms such as center line, backcourt, front court, etc., and tell them what they are and what roles they have in a tournament. I pick Prezi because I can use it to clearly list out the rules that I want my students to know with the help of graphics and bullet points. 

3 Guided Practice (4 minutes)

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I will show clips about some basic badminton techniques such as smash, drive, clear, etc., via YouTube while directly demonstrating how to perform those movements in class with an actual racket. Then I will ask several students to try those movements on their own and correct them if necessary. The goal is to help students develop proficiency in those basic skills. 

4 Independent Test (4.5 mintues)

Free, Paid
Free, Paid

Use Kahoot! to test students on rules of badminton tournaments -- students compete to answer the questions on their own. This will test how well they understand the rules. Also, let individual student identify certain moves performed in a YouTube video. By using Kahoot I can make the learning process more interactive and fun. Also, I can see if I have achieved my teaching objectives by looking at how students perform on Kahoot (how many of them get the questions correct).

5 Wrap Up (1.5 minutes)

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Free, Paid

Use Quizlet to create a list of badminton terms and their corresponding definitions for students to learn and better their understandings. Also use Youtube to show clips of some basic skills/movements for students who are still unsure/unfamiliar with the moves. Encourage them to practice on their own after watching those clips. I choose these two e-tools because both of them are easy to use and very accessible for the students.