Lesson Plan

Awful Waffle Story Structure

Students will identify the key details from a text to check for understanding and comprehension.
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My Grades K, 1, 2
My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies

 The students will make a graphic organizer to identify the key details of a text. They will be able to identify the beginning, middle and end of the story, including characters and setting.

English Language Arts
Grades 1
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1 Engage

Activity: Reading

Teacher will bring in frozen waffles and toast them to have class sample a waffle. Teacher will then lead a whole class discussion about waffles and ask for students input about what they think waffles are made from. Teacher will talk about what an ingredient is and how to use ingredients to make certain foods. Teacher will read aloud the story, “Awful Waffles”, to the students as they sit on the carpet and listen. Each student will have the book, “Awful Waffles” to follow along with as teacher reads.Teacher will stop when necessary and expand upon the story, pointing out the beginning, middle and end. 


2 Explore

Activity: Other — Using a graphic organizer

Teacher will model how to complete graphic organizer with story title, characters, setting, and the beginning, middle and end of the “Awful Waffle” story.


Student Instructions

Students will work to complete graphic organizer, looking and reading in the text as necessary to fill in beginning, middle and end of the story.

3 Explain

Activity: Conversing

Students have previously been paired with another student in the class based on reading levels. There are “A” partners and “B” partners. The “A” partner is the stronger reader.Teacher will walk around and observe partner groups sharing their ideas of the “Awful Waffle” story structure, listening for the correct timeline of events in the story.


Student Instructions

Students will collaborate with their partner to come up with a story structure they both agree upon and combining both graphic org

4 Elaborate

Teacher will instruct students and their partner to retell the “Awful Waffle” story using the Toontastic app to recreate the story using their own imagination.


Student Instructions

Students will work with their partner and create a comic strip to retell the key details in the story.

5 Evaluate

Accelerated Reader 360
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Each student will have a Chrome Book, and each student has been assigned an Accelerated Reader log in ID and password.Teacher will instruct students to log in to the Accelerated Reader program. As a class, teacher will read each question aloud as students enter their response in to the AR system. Then teacher will review results for comprehension of the story. Then, partner groups will present their comic strips to the whole class.


Student Instructions

Students will log in to the accelerated reader program and take quiz on the book, “Awful Waffles.” Next, with their partner, students will present the comic strip they created to retell the story to the rest of the class.