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Awesome Eats

Eating healthy and having fun
Daniella V.
Media specialist/librarian
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My Subjects English Language Arts, Social Studies

Students will be able to...

Students will be able to identify eating healthy tips

Students will be able to sort fruits and vegetables into similar categories.

Students will be able to create a Google slide show about healthy habits.

Health & Wellness
Grades 5
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1 HOOK/ATTENTION GETTER : Who said Broccoli is boring?

Activity: Conversing

Teacher holds up a picture of a broccoli smoothie and a Dairy Queen smoothie.

Teacher asks students which was looks better?

Which one do they think is better for you?

Why is green one better for you?

Did you know you can make awesome smoothies using healthy fruits and veggies that taste just as good as others?

2 Guided practice

Activity: Reading

Teacher reads students a copy of the book Chew on this : everything you don't want to know about fast food .

Teacher asks students to recount some of the unhealthy choices they may have made unknowingly.

Teacher asks for students to share possible healthy choices to make instead.

3 Independent Practice

Students will use  Awesome eats and www.letsmove.org students will create a Google slide show publishing their own healthy eating concepts.

Teacher will instruct students to create at least 6 slides comparing and contrasting the foods on awesome eats to the foods we read about in our book.

The last slide should incorporate one food that is healthy and can be eaten in a fun way; i.e. frozen banana puree instead of ice cream based sundae.


4 Wrap up

Activity: Presenting

Students will present the idea in their last slide to the administration as a suggestion for healthy and fun varieties to be served in our cafeteria.