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Augmented Reality 3-D Spacecraft Reports

Students will research and produce a graphic organizer with facts about spacecraft, with engagement supported by the use of augmented reality.
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My Grades 2, 3
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Students will be able to...research for information on a topic and use technology to produce a graphic organizer, Extension of the lesson will allow students to use the graphic organizer to write a report on the topic.

English Language Arts
Grades 3 – 5
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1 Hook

Introduce students to augmented reality by using the markers in  Spacecraft 3D app. Go to NASA 3-D website, then download and print markers. Use tablet (mirror or project to show to class) with app to view each marker to see the variety of spacecraft to choose to research.

2 Direct Instruction

An option is to share a video clip on PBS Learning Media "So You Want to Build a Satellite?" to begin lesson. Mirror or project Spacecraft 3D, showing how to find information on each spacecraft. Help students to choose one spacecraft to research. Then mirror or project the Popplet app and show students how to use as a graphic organizer.

3 Guided Practice

Guide students in opening Spacecraft 3D and using the correct marker to upload an augmented reality video of their spacecraft. Assist students in helping one another to take a photo of the student behind their running  spacecraft video in the Spacecraft 3D app on their tablet. Guide students as they now use Popplet app to add a popplet to their work page. Have them place their names in the popplet, then make another popplet. In that popplet, students will import the photo they have taken of themselves with their 3D spacecraft.

4 Independent Practice

Students move between the Popplet app and the spacecraft information found on the Spacecraft 3D app. Students make popplets on their work page and include one spacecraft fact sentence with details in each popplet. Students complete the Popplet graphic organizer work page.

5 Wrap-Up

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Students save their Popplet page and print. Students now each have a Popplet page with a picture of themselves and their 3D spacecraft with facts about it in the graphic organizer. You can extend the activity by having students use the graphic organizer to write a short research paper about their spacecraft.