Lesson Plan

Au Restaurant

This lesson will aid students in their development of expressing wants and needs in a polite manner in French.

Students will be able to...

Express their wants and needs in a restaurant environment using key phrases and vocabulary. Students will be able to conjugate the irregular verbs "aller" and "vouloir" with accuracy in order to aid their expression in restaurant environments.

World Languages
Grades 6 – 9
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1 Brainstorm

Activity: Conversing

Ask students to think about what makes a good restaurant experience. What do you need to know how to say? What kind of manners to we expect in the U.S.? Do you know of any different customs in France? 

Briefly note major concepts in a map either on the board or in a mind mapping tool pulled up . 

This step should be about 5 minutes.

2 Vocabulary and Verbs

Free, Paid

Present key phrases and vocabulary lists, and pronounce them for students. Have them manually write words and phrases to help with spelling and memory.  Do the same with verb conjgations. Provide visual charts for independent study later.

Search and show a youtube clip demonstrating a French café scene. Ask students if they recognized any of the vocabulary reviewed. 


3 Group Application

Divide students into pairs or groups of 3. They will write their own restaurant scene, demonstrating roles of server and client, to present to class. They will be promoted to use the phrases and vocabulary learned to apply to their conversations. They can use wordreference dictionary and forvo pronuncuation tool to help them with supplementary vocabulary they may want to include.

4 Check

Activity: Assessing

After presentations, students will do a small recap exit slip, listing best practices to use in a restaurant in France, and the best phrases to remember to have a good experience (without notes)


5 Au Revoir

Remind/inform students of outside tools they can use to practice their skills, such as duolingo. Assign them to study and review the vocabulary learned. Collect their exit slip and the door as they depart and say "au revoir".