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Au magasin (At the store)

Students will create a dialogue between a customer and a salesperson
Marie-France R.
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Nauset Regional Middle School
Orleans, United States
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My Grades 6, 7, 8
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Students will be able to communicate orally in French to :

- Get someone's attention;

- Tell what they would like to buy;

- Ask and answer questions;

- Express thanks.


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1 Step 1 : Hook

Activity: Exploring

1- Ask students to browse Les galeries de la capitale's website : https://www.galeriesdelacapitale.com/fr/. Tell them that they will spend a few hours at this mall on the field trip to Quebec City.

2- Ask students to name a few stores where they would like to shop and a few things they would like to buy.

2 Step 2 : Direct Instruction - Part 1

Activity: Presenting

1- Teach key phrases related to shopping:





2- Ask students to take notes in their individual mini phrase book (they will be carrying their phrase book with them on the trip to Quebec City). 


3 Step 2 : Direct Instruction - Part 2

Free, Paid

Have students play Kahoot to memorize the shopping related words and phrases they learned.

4 Step 3 : Guided Practice

1. As a group, watch the following EduCanon video :   www.educanon.com/social/93297/209326

2. Ask students to answer the questions indivudually and check for understanding as you go.

5 Step 4 : Independant Practice

Activity: Creating

1- Ask students to write a conversation between a customer and a salesperson.  The dialogue should be written in complete French sentences and follow this outline : 


2. Model how to use the app My Talking Avatar (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/my-talking-avatar/id906080826?mt=8) using the following instruction sheet : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9-HyymSgdtvaFdPdVRiYm9ubzg/view?usp=sharing

3. Ask students to record their dialogue using My Talking Avatar.

4. Assess the dialogues using the following rubric: 


6 Step 5 : Wrap-up

Activity: Conversing

1- Ask students to think back to back to the question asked in Step 1 - The Hook (Name a few stores where you would like to shop and a few things you would like to buy).

2- Ask students to answer the following questions orally:

- What will you say to the salesperson when you enter a store?

- What questions are you likely to ask/ be asked?

- What will you say/do if you do not understand?

- What will you say when you leave the store?