Lesson Plan

Asynchronous Lesson

Enables students to work on skills outside of class and learn new tech skills as well.
Rachelle Dene P.
Classroom teacher
Riverview High School
Oakmont, United States
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My Subjects World Languages

Students will be able to...

  • Discuss their daily class schedule using chapter vocabulary
  • Express likes and dislikes related to class schedule
  • Demonstrate ability to conjugate regular –ar verbs and narrate in present tense to describe one's typical school day
  • Read and understand descriptions of school schedules in Spanish speaking countries
  • Use technology as a means to enhance learning beyond the classroom
  • Create an infographic to display description of class, needs and teacher
World Languages
Grades 7 – 12
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1 Pre-assess using Socrative to conjugate verbs i

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The lesson will begin by having students complete a response using Socrative to conjugate verbs in present tense. Results will be saved and reviewed.   Teacher will use information to guide in class instruction.

Student Instructions

Students will enter the Socrative website and complete the activity as a pre-assessment for verb conjugations.  Submit responses when finished, feedback will be given.

2 Instructional and interactive video

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Teacher will create a Zaption interactive video lesson.  Throughout the lesson, students will be prompted to respond to a variety of questions to gauge their understanding of the material. Questions and activities will be in the video.  End results will be analyzed for teacher to understand student needs. 

Student Instructions

Students will complete the Zaption interactive video lesson.  Throughout the lesson, students will watch the video, and complete various activities and answer questions to make sure they are watching and participating. The video activity will help to gauge their understanding of the material.

3 Formative Assessment after video

Teacher will have created a Quizizz activity for students to complete following the Zaption lesson,.  The students  complete a Quizizz assignment to review the vocabulary and verbs.  The scores will be saved and data analyzed to determine further instructional needs during class.

Student Instructions

Following the Zaption lesson, students will then complete the Quizizz assignment to review the vocabulary and verbs, and provide information to guide next steps in instruction.  The students will know their results and this information will be used to provides further instructional needs during class and in the asynchronous lesson.

4 Student project for class schedule

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which will be to create an infographic describing one of their classes, what school supplies are needed, class start and end times, and teacher information and description.  The teacher will share a screencast on how to use Piktochart and provide an example.  Students will then create an infographic which displays their schedule and class interests and needs.  

Student Instructions

Students will use the sample Piktochart as a model for creating their own, using the information in the Pikto as a rubric and guide for what information to include in their project. 

5 Project displays and comments on Padlet

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Teacher will create two padlets for students to display their Piktochart and to also comment on the work of a peer.  The projects will be used in class as a way to further practice the vocabulary and engage students in conversations and collaboration with their peers. 

Student Instructions

The links and an image of their Piktochart infographic will be shared on the class Padlet.   The Padlet will be used during follow up activities in class to help the students to reinforce the vocabulary.  Students can use the infographics to review the vocabulary and communicate ideas with their peers.