Lesson Plan

Assemblage Art

This art lesson will be using Louise Nevelson's art as an inspiration to explore assemblage art.

Creative/productive Objectives:

Students will create a self-portrait using Adobe PhotoShop

Students will critique their peers by offering comments and suggestions about each others artwork


Multicultural/historical Objectives:

Students will analyze and reflect on album art from different genres of music through presentation and class discussion



Students will write an artist statement that explains how the students self-portrait expresses their self identity

Students will reflect on their self identity and the identity of others through journal entries

Students will express who they really are through an expressive self-portrait

Grades 9 – 12
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1 Hook

Activity: Exploring


Start class with Pharrell Williams Happy Music video

Questions to have students to consider while watching music video:

How has music influenced our culture?

Does it impact style? Emotion? Identity?

Start a student lead discussion. Details on student instructions.

Student Instructions

Have a class discussion about how music impacts our culture. Music is a very powerful art form and reflects the culture it belongs to. I want students to talk about how music can influence emotion, style (clothing, hair style, accessories, shoes…), attitude, self identity. Possible questions to stimulate further discussion: Does it say something to you if a person listens to a certain type of music? Can you tell what kind of person they are? How does music influence our exterior persona? How does music influence who we truly are on the inside? Do you listen to certain types of music while experiencing different emotions? (example: When your in love do you listen to country love songs? When you are angry do you listen to heavy metal? When you want to dance do you listen to Pop or techno?


Students will do a short brainstorming activity in their journals

questions projected on smartboard:

What is your favorite genre of music?

List some of you favorite bands

How does the music you listen to influence your style?

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Conversing
  • Introduce the history and diversity of album art using Adobe PowerPoint presentation.
  • Discuss the concept of self-identity and how an album cover can be a great example of how a musican or band identifies themselves.


Student Instructions
  • Students will observe and analyze the presentation and will be encourage to ask questions and engage in class discussion.
  • Students will start considering how they would like to express who they are by creating an album cover.

3 Guided Practice

Activity: Investigating

Computer Lab day:

  • Instructor will observe and assist students while they have an opportunity to explore a variety of album art examples.
Student Instructions
  • Students will have ten minutes to explore the album art as their choice but must save thumbnail images on a resource sheet.
  • Students will be asked to do a quick sketch or thumbnail sketch .

4 Indepedent Practice

  • Instructor will observe and assist students while they are creating album covers.
Student Instructions
  • Students will have 2 to 3 class periods to finish project.
  • The album art must be about them and is used to express their self-identity.

5 Wrap-up

Activity: Assessing
  • Instructor will begin a student lead critique on final projects.
    • Students will get their final assessment on project based off a rubric.
      • Rubric areas: Creativity, Effort, Craftsmanship, use of PhotoShop, and Expressive.
Student Instructions
  • Students will engage in a meaningful student lead critique on final projects.
    • Students will get the opportunity to present their projects.
    • Students will receive constructive feedback.
    • Students will get their final assessment on project based off a rubric.