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Asian Culture

Students will explore Asian culture - literature, food, geography, medicine and lifestyle
Marlene M.
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My Grades 6, 7, 8


The 6th Grade Language Arts teacher and I created a project for students to explore various aspects of Asian culture. Students were divided into groups of four and each group chose a topic: Asian literature, food, geography, medicine, celebrations and lifestyle!

After groups were done researching their topics, they would create a presentation in Educreations Interactive Whiteboard to share with classmates.

Students will discover: 

  • Achievements by Asians
  • The role of literature on Asian culture.
  • Research geography, history, celebrations, and people of China
  • After groups were done researching their topics, they would create a presentation in Educreations Interactive Whiteboard to share with classmates.
  • Share their presentation with the class
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Grades 6
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1 Hook

GeoWalk makes students excited about technology. GeoWalk is an online atlas and although it doesn't give every fact about China, like an encyclopedia/journal article does, there are a lot of pictures and it was visually stimulating to sixth grade students. The site is easy to use because it let's students explore different areas of Asian culture. GeoWalk is a great way to build excitement about China and get them motivated to learn more about China and explore the next websites with their group. 

2 Direct Instruction

The Asia Society site allows students to explore different areas of Asian culture. Students were able to research many of their group topics easily on this site because of the search bar at the top.  The information is clear and comprehensive for a middle school student. Students could easily relate to the articles on Identity, 'Who Are You, When You're a Chinese American?

3 Guided Practice

Georific allows students a brain break from the research. Students went to this app and took a brain break from their research to challenge classmates on China's geography. The students were very engaged as the game checks their knowledge.

4 Independent Practice

This is a multimedia art museum website which bring Asian art alive. In the past thirty years, there have been many political an social changes in China. Artists have responded to these changes by creating different mediums - installation, performance art as well as the more traditional ink and oil paintings. 

Students explored the section labeled Exhibitions from the top menu to see current and past exhibits and learn about installations and performance art. 

5 Wrap-Up


This app allows students to set up a whiteboard presentation for their classmates. They absolutely loved the creativity they could use in creating their own presentation for the whiteboard and sharing it with their classmates. While they explored different websites in class today, they saved images to their dropbox account. Wrap-up allowed them to easily add their graphics from Dropbox. 

Wrap-up allowed students to create visual presentations in under ten minutes. Students were able to compare the components of Asian culture to American culture. Wrap-up allowed students to present their research to their classmates and teach the topics they became knowledgeable in during this in-class project.