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Artist Research

Project for Artist and Artwork
Meagan K.
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After this project, students will be able to identify the artist they researched and the artwork that they created.  They will understand the time period in which it was created and present on some of the motives behind the artwork.  

Teachers, by using this lesson you will be showcasing your TPACK  (Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge) and each step will be a process of Bloom's Digital Taxonomy as well.   Each part of this lesson will be an example of TPACK and Blooms and integrating technology into the art room.  

Grades 6 – 8
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1 Understand

Students will look through artwork on this site.  Finding an artwork on this site will allow them to find more information.  With many art sites, some content might be more than some 6th graders can handle.  This site is a way to have quality control and have the research readily available.

TCK- Show off your computer skills to help students research and learn more about art works and artists.

Student Instructions


Check out this site, explore the time machine and pick out an artwork that you would like to learn more about!

Use kiddle to begin your research on the artist and artwork.

2 Analyze

Prezi Classic
Free, Paid

Have students create an account and work on their presentations through Prezi.  Slides should include: Artwork, Artist, Time Period, Art Style, and Personal Interpretation.  Any extra slides will count as extra credit, no more than 5 extra slides.

*I am working with the computer teacher to introduce the website to the class before they work on it in art and at home.

TPK- Show your students what it takes to teach!  By using a digital presentation device, you will work with students to present and give a thought provoking lesson about their artist.

Student Instructions

Follow instructions and create slides to show and tell about your artist to your classmates! 

Some slide ideas are:

Artist Bio, Period/Location, About the Artwork, Relates Artworks, etc. 

3 Create

Activity: Creating

Have students create, in class, an artwork that has been inspired by their research.  This will be presented by the student at the time of the presentation. \

*For the fearless teachers allow many mediums, let the kids explore!

PCK- As an art teacher, you should show off your ability.  Show an example of your own work to help motivate the students and help them to create their own. 

Student Instructions

Use all the new knowledge from your research and create a piece of art inspired by the artwork and artist you chose.  

Do not replicate artwork, make it yours in some unique ways!

4 Apply

After presentations are complete, as a class we will curate a museum exhibit on google art project with the art works that we selected.  We will discuss in class how they are all connected and the best way for artworks to be displayed.

Student Instructions

Work together with classmates and teachers to design and curate a collection of your artworks that will excite any who see!