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Art Elements Refresher

Art Elements Review
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My Grades 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
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Basic Standard of Art Foundation Missouri DESE; Strand II Elements and Principles VA1, FA1

Students will be able to...

Name the 7 basic art elements

Show an example of each element

Give a definition or description of each element

English Language Arts
Grades 6 – 12
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1 Hook/Attention Getter

Free, Paid

You will need to move to the computer lab so each student has a computer. Each Student has an assigned computer. See list in plan book. Teacher will use Smart board first. No students on computers. You will use the administrative computer next to the smart board. Youth specialist can log in for you. Don't use a student log in.You will show a YouTube.


Trick Art on Hand-Cool 3D Hole Optical Illusion

Hopeful students will identify Color then Shading. Ask questions like what made this illusion happen? Is this 2D or 3D? What did they use first before Coloring? (Line) What would happen if it was only on one side? (Spacing would be off) What shapes did they use? Geometric/Organic

Student Instructions

We are moving to the computer lab. When we get into the lab take your assigned seat. Don't log into your computers. We are watching and then discussing a quick video.

After video "What do you think made this a illusion happen?"

2 DIRECT INSTRUCTION-7 words of art elements

Free, Free to try, Paid

Now hopeful the students have listed the 7 art elements in their discussion. If not don't point them out yet. Have the students log into their computer and go to Padlet Site. You can also pull this up on the smart board. Have them open up Word Wall.

The words you will see are line, color, value, texture, shape, form,and space.

Show the students an example of placing a word under Line=zigzag now show them how to how to use an image of a zig zag. (Google zigzag. Open images. Pick an image and save as picture or copy picture. Go back to Word Wall click plus to add. Download) Most of the student's know how to do this.

Give the student's 15 minutes or so to do this activity.

Discuss their answers.

Student Instructions

I want you to log into your computer and open up Padlet; Word Wall.

I want you to give a definition, or example under each word. I want every ones to be different.

3 GUIDED PRACTICE-Physically making Art Elements

Activity: Drawing

Return to the Classroom. Everyone should log out including you and push in chairs. Leave no trash behind.

Past out 2  pieces Computer Paper to each student.

I do this along with the student so they can see and have an example. Have the student fold paper in half top to bottom and then side to side. It should make four boxes. Do this on both pieces of paper.

Label each box; line, color, value, texture, shape, form, and space.

Box they labeled Lines they will work with different types of lines to create an image. Example:

Image result for line elements of art

Box they labeled Color they will work with color to create an image. Example (I use one square)

Related image

Box they labeled Shape they will work with color or pencil to create an image. Example:

Box they labeled Value they will work with pencil to create an image. (Student will show a value scale in their box space with pencil)

Image Example

Box they labeled Texture they will work with pencil or marker to create an image. (Student will show a texture use in their box)

IMAGE Example

Box they labeled Form they will work with index cards or playing card, folded and tear or cut then tape on project to create an image.

IMAGE Example

Box they labeled Space they will work with pencil to create 3D an image using one point or two point perspective.

IMAGE Example









Student Instructions

Log out of computers and clean up.

I want you to fold and label your paper the way I demonstrate.

We are going to practice Line first. You will only use your pencil right now.

We are going to practice Color next. Remember your color families; primary (red, yellow, blue) secondary (orange, purple, green) neutral (gray, brown, black, white) complimentary (red-green, orange-blue, purple-yellow)

You can use colored pencils, oil pastels, markers.

We going to practice Shape now. You can use color or line. You can use geometric or organic.

We are going to practice Value. You will work with pencil and/or color pencils.

We are going to practice Texture. You will work with pencils or markers.

We are going to work with Form. You will need two note cards or playing cards, scissors, and tape.

We are finishing up with Space. You will need a pencil and ruler or straight line



Free, Paid

Teacher is now going to show a You Tube video showing using all 7 art elements in one project.

Art Element Poster Project

Now you are going to use all 7 art elements to create your own. You can use ideas from your practice pieces. Even use part of your pieces in the final piece like a collage. Past out 12 x 12 paper to each student. Past out rubic on project and discuss.

Work independently.


Student Instructions

After watching the video I want you to use your creativity to create your own element poster.

I am also passing out a rubic to you on each section of the project. Let's go over it.


Free, Paid



Student Instructions

We are going to do a Critique. Remember the reason we do Art is to make someone stop and think about it. I am only looking for positive comments. On each sticky note number them 1 to 12. When one comes up think about something you like and post it, so on and so on.