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Art Around the World

Correlate Artists and Artworks with their geographical locations
Donald P.
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Mooresville High School
Mooresville, United States
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My Grades 9, 10, 11, 12
My Subjects Arts

Students will be able to...

Use visual arts to explore concepts in world history and relate them to significant events, ideas, and movements from a global context.

Explain how art influences historical perspectives on society

Understand how art is used to document human experience.

Explain the effect of the geographic location and physical environment on the media and subject matter of art.

Social Studies
Grades 9 – 12
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1 Hook/Attention Getter - Art Around the World

Teacher uses Khan Academy and Google Art Project to discuss/show specific artists and artworks. 

Then teacher uses Google Earth to locate those artists/artworks specific locations in the world and uses that to discuss how geographic location affected the creation of the artwork or influenced the work of the artist.

Teacher then demonstrates to students how to use Google Art Project and Google Earth and allows students time to learn how to use both websites/apps. 

Teacher is available to help answer student questions about navigating both websites/apps

Student Instructions

Students familiarize themselves with how to use both Google Art Project and Google Earth.

2 Guided Practice - Finding Artworks in the World

Teacher provides a list of artists/artworks through Google Classroom to get students started with practicing locating specific artworks/artists in their geographical locations. 

Student Instructions

Students choose several artworks or artists from list provided through Google Classroom. 

Students use Google Art Project and Khan Academy to learn more about the specific artworks and artists and find where in the world they were created/located

Students use Google Earth to pinpoint the geographical locations for the artworks/artists they selected.

3 Independent Practice -Creating an Art World Map

Teacher guides students in choosing a specific artist or artistic style to create a presentation about. 

Teacher guides students in creation of presentation

Student Instructions

Students choose an artistic style or specific artist.  Students use Google Art Project and Khan Academy to learn more about their chosen artist/style. 

Students use Google Earth to locate the geographical location of their artist or artistic style. Students take screenshots of locations and street views to add to their presentations.

Students use a presentation tool such as Canva or Prezi (or whatever else they have available to them) to create a presentation about their chosen artist/artistic style.

Student presentation not only focuses on history of artist/style but also features heavily on geographic location and how that geographic location influenced the artist or create of the artistic style.

Students will present to the entire class - that way all students are learning about a variety of artists and artistic styles. 

4 Wrap Up - Reflection and review

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Teacher uses a feedback tool like Padlet to allow students to reflect on what they thought of the assignment. 

Teacher guides students by asking specific questions for them to answer, making them as open ended as possible so that students can give honest feedback on what they learned. 

Student Instructions

Students respond to guided questions to give specific feedback on the assignment.