Lesson Plan

Array Cities with Google Drawings

Students demonstrate their knowledge of arrays by creating "array cities". They hide 5 arrays in a landscape of their choosing.
Valerie M.
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Tioga Elementary School
Bensenville, United States
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Students will be able to...

  • Define¬†array
  • Create 5 arrays with Google Drawing
  • Demonstrate that they know how to organize and read and array
Grades 3
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1 Array Cities with Google Drawings

  1. Define array to students
  2. Share a copy of the attached Google Drawing template to and model how students copy and paste shapes in a Google Drawing to make rows
Student Instructions
  • Describe array
  • Follow the teacher's steps of modeling how to copy and paste shapes in Google Drawing to make rows

2 Create an Array City

  1. Instruct students to
    1. Select a landscape to create a picture of
    2. Make sure the rows are organized
    3. Have 5 arrays in the array city
    4. Make sure the array is colorful
Student Instructions
  1. Students create a Google Drawing that shows:
    1. A landscape of their choosing
    2. Rows that are organized in the arrays
    3. 5 arrays hidden in the landscape
    4. A colorful final image