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Teacher-Created Lesson Plan

Argentina Travel Guide

Students will research (explore) the different regions of Argentina and then create a guide book based on their research. They will then share (communicate) their guidebook with their peers.
Brook N.
Classroom teacher
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My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies
  • Students will be able to...research each of the 6 regions of Argentina (Buenos Aires, Cuyo, Patagonia, Pampas, Mesopotamia, Northwest) and identify physical features, climate, and places/people 
  • Students will be able to...organize their research using clear and structured note taking.
  • Students will be able to...use their notes for expository writing 
  • students will be able to...understand and create a table of contents
  • Students will be able to...understand and insert captions
  • Students will be able to...create a travel guide using the app Book Creator 
  • Students will be able to...present their travel guide to their peers
English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 3 – 12
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1 Hook

Activity: Exploring
  • Provide enough travel guides for each student. If this is not possible, then put students in groups and allow them to share travel guides
  • Ask students to explore the travel guides. What do they see? What do they like? What do they notice is similar/different etc. 
Student Instructions
  • Ask students to explore their travel guide. 
  • Create  a list of items that they can look for in their travel guide, then have them search for each item.
  • Allow for them to explore with no guidelines. Have them find things that they like about the book...dislike about the book...notice about the book..etc.
  • Have them compare their book with another student. What are the similarities/differences

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Presenting
  • Begin by starting a list of items that are usually found in a travel guide
  • Inform students that travel guides are a great way to learn about a specific place.
  • Show them similar layouts of travel guides
  • Explain to them that travel guides will often point out the physical features, climate, places/people of interest of a specific place
Student Instructions
  • Have students start a list of items they found in their travel guide
  • Talk about the list. What do they notice?
  • Have them point out the different physical features of their guide...find a section on climate...point out any interested people or places...etc. 

3 Guided Practice

Google Drive
Free, Paid
  • Show students your note taking example through Google Drive
  • Explain to them the importance of organized note taking
  • Show them how to add pictures ot their Google Drive 
  • Check for understanding 
Student Instructions
  • Have each student add a picture to their Google Drive with the teacher

4 Independent Practice

  • Explain to students that they can now begin researching the Argentina regions.
  • Remind them to look for physical features, climate, and people/places of interest
  • After they have completed their note taking...have them begin to transfer their information/pictures to book creator. Make sure they are using the same features they see in the example travel guides.
  • Make sure you create/cover the rubric for their travel guide
  • When they have completed their travel guide...have them upload it to their blog 
Student Instructions
  • Students can now begin researching the Argentina Regions.
  • They are to use the note taking structure that has been provided through google drive
  • they are to add pictures to their Google Drive as well.
  • When they have completed their note taking...have them begin to create their travel guide using book creator...remind them to reference their rubric regularly when creating their book
  • When their book is completed have them upload it to their blog.

5 Wrap-up

  • Explain to the students the guidlines for presenting their travel guide 
  • Allow for each student to present their travel guide
Student Instructions
  • Travel Guide Presentations