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Helps students understand how to find the area of polygons.
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Find the area of various polygons.

Understand and explain how area formulas work when finding the area.

Apply their understanding to real world problems.

Grades 5 – 6
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1 Introduction to area

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Begin by explaining to the class that they will be learning about finding the area to polygons.

Do a chalk talk with the kids using Padlet and have them brainstorm and share everything they know about area.

2 Exploring area

Show the Brainpop video on finding the area to polygons.

After watching the video, discuss with the students what they learned.

3 Lesson on area

Activity: Presenting

Proceed to give the students instructions on how to find the area of common shapes like rectangles and triangles.

Reinforce what they have seen in the Brainpop video.

Do sample problems on the whiteboard inviting students to answer.

Break students into small groups with small whiteboards. Write an area problem on the board and ask the groups to come up with an answer and write it on their whiteboards. Groups will share their answers at the same time. Check for understanding.

4 Understanding of area

To see how well the students understand finding the area, have them explain how to find the area of a rectangle or triangle using the Everythign App. 

Afterwards, share their videos with the class.

You can share their videos with a younger grade to see how effective they were at teaching area.

5 Application of area

Activity: Investigating

Provide real world area word problems. Solve the problems as a class.

Have the students create their own real world area problems, then exchange with peers for them to solve. 

Here is an example problem:

Sydney wants to make a rectangular play area for her dog. She has 36m of fencing.

a) Sketch the rectangle that will give her dog the greatest area to play in and explain how you know .


6 Reinforcement and practice with area

IXL - Math and English
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Have the students complete area related activities in IXL for reinforcement.