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Applications that seamlessly work with other apps are the best apps for class use
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Instructors will be able to identify 4 or more apps to use in delivering an instructional lesson that has a creative project as the deliverable.

Instructors will post their lesson online using the app of their choice.

Instructors will utelize at least 1 online assessment app-this can be formative or summative

Instructors will use a creative app to create a teacher version of the assignment to serve as a model for the student project.

Instructors will identify the process of how students will turn in the project and then practice the process themselves



English Language Arts
Grades K – 12
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1 Decide how you will present this lesson online/Hook

Free, Paid
Free, Paid

Where you choose to post this lesson will depend on what type of project you are doing.  You can choose anything you wish, but it has to be accessible by a link.  The link is how we will be able to offer advice and constructive criticism of the lesson.

2 Decide what you want the students to create-provide an example/direct instruction

You will choose a creative project that showcases what the students have learned..this does not need to be advanced or something that you have never done before.  In fact for the first project it is better if it is something you have used before in your profession.

3 Assess that the students have a basic understanding of your lesson using an online assessment-wrap up

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You can use any assessment app you want, this is just a quick check in the students that they understand the project.  It can be multiple choice quiz or a brainstorming session.  But whatever you choose should showcase whether or not students need more instruction time on the subject.

4 Students will complete the project and turn it into you in the manner you choose-independent practice

Google Drive
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Free, Free to try, Paid

For this project, the final project can be digital or paper based.  You must integrate technology in three areas for this project, so if you are more comfortable with getting a paper based product , you can choose to avoid technology here.