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Teacher-Created Lesson Plan

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

This app flow is an information fluency lesson that teaches children how to practice netiquette and become anti-bullying ambassadors in their daily lives through habits and conscious behaviors.
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Students will be able to evaluate and research bullying in person and online through websites, books, and videos. They will create digital presentations to use to teach and scaffold learning for other classes and for a culminating showcase celebration.


English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 1 – 6
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1 Building Understanding: The Hook and Direct Instruction

Activity: Exploring

Children will be asked to define what bullying is. Teacher will chart answers on SmartBoard. They will be asked if they have ever been bullied or have bullied others. Teacher will divide the board into in person and online bullying. And students will move the examples they gave to either side.


Children will be shown a few videos to learn about bullying.



Students will take a short quiz about bullying. Ask students how bullying made them feel. Ask if they have witnessed bullying and did they stand and watch or did they no something about it. Then students will discuss in small groups how they can be leaders, the agent of change or what they can do as a bystander to prevent bullying.Children will then share out to the whole class.

2 Guided and Independent Practice

Prezi Classic
Free, Free to try, Paid
Free, Free to try, Paid

The teacher will read aloud a story from Bullying and Me: Schoolyard Stories. Teacher will chart problems and possible solutions from student solicted ideas and input. Children will write a short response about how they can positively interact and change the situation in the stories read aloud. Students will share their answers in small groups and then begin to research bullying facts in books, websites and videos in order to create a digital publication used to present and educate other parents and students.

3 Wrap Up

Activity: Presenting

Remind children that each of them can be a leader and make change. They can each help others to feel like they belong. Students can be leaders and save a life by standing up to bullying

In a culminating showcase, students will use their digital presentations to teach and scaffold other students, classes and parents.