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Animales en su medio

Students use technology to write informational text in two languages
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Students will be able to...

Create a bilingual report, poster, PowerPoint and wordle about an animal, as well as a homemade art project, which reflects their learning about their animal's life cycle, adaptations for survival, and how humans have affected their survival.



English Language Arts
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Grades 3
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1 Finding the Information

Ask students to either choose an animal or assign them an animal for them to research.  Hand out the rubric for their research project, and the information they will need to include in their reports.  I had the kids choose a card from a deck of animal information cards and they were told to glean some information from that card, as well as look for books pertaining to their animals in the school library.  On our computer day, kids were directed to go to National Geographic Kids (I posted a link on our class wepage) and do research there, as well as on google.  We discussed credible sources, and those which are not as credible, and students were asked to cite the webpages from whence they derived the information..

Student Instructions

You are going to choose an animal.  Then, you will be doing a report about that animal, starting with a detailed introduction which gives us information about the animal, including some fun facts which we may not know.  I also want you to convince your reader that your animal is interesting enough so that they want to read the rest of your report.  The second part of  your report will be a description of  your animal, which includes their physical and behaviors' descriptions.  Tell us what your animal looks like, what he does, where he lives, who he lives with, etc.  The third part of your report will include the animal's life cycle.  How is it born?  How long does it take to become an adult?  How are the kids different from the adults?  How long does your animal live?   The fourth part of your report will tell us how your animal is affected by humans.  Are they hunted?  Do they get exploited?  Are they helped by humans?

After the report, we'll be making a poster which you will use in an oral report.  Also, you'll be learning to make a PowerPoint to present your information, as well as a Wordle art project.

The poster will be written in Spanish, but the reports must be written in English if you are in an advanced ELD group, and your oral reports will be given in English or Spanish, depending on your ELD level.  You can use English/Spanish dictionaries as well as Google Translate to help you with your written report.


2 PowerPoint Presentation

Activity: Creating

Demonstrate and model how to find images online as well as how to create PowerPoint presentations to the students.  I've used Google Images and Microsoft Office support to help me with this.  One of their sites:


equips you on begining PowerPoint presentation creation, if you are not very familiar with the process.

Then, make sure to guide students on how to store their PowerPoint presentations on either a portal or a portable disk drive.  At our school, we have students save to a portable drive, and I then go to the computers and save the presentations to the class webpage.

Student Instructions

We will be going to the computer lab to create a PowerPoint presentation which will be displayed on our class Wikipage, and which will be shown to parents on Open House.  You will be using images from the internet to illustrate the reports you wrote about your animal, and to help your audience get interested in your animal's information. 

On the first visit, we will be saving images of your animal to a portable drive on the computer, and then in the next two visits, you will be creating a PowerPoint presentation using those images and the data you found through your research.


3 Wordle Word Cloud

Model and demonstrate to students how they can create a Wordle word cloud by inputting words which describe their animals. 


Student Instructions

You are going to create a word cloud by choosing those words which you think best describe your animal and using them in a program called Wordle.  Once you have put all the words in the program, you will be sharing them with your neighbors in your seating groups.

4 Oral Presentations

Activity: Presenting

Each of you will be presenting your animal to the class, using your poster, your word cloud, and your written report.  While you are presenting, I will be recording you and posting the video on the class Wikipage, so that your parents are able to view your presentations. (I made sure to have parents sign release forms for all my students so that I could post their images and copies of their work on various websites, including, but not limited to, our class Wikipage, school Facebook page, etc.  The form defined the limitations of these postings, including no names, addresses, or anything which might identify the students or the school, and other safety precautions.)

Student Instructions

Now that you have a report, a poster, and a Wordle to assist you, you will be giving an oral report in front of the class.  While you give your report, make sure you speak in a loud, clear voice so that we can hear you, and so that the video will be audible on the Wikipage.