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Animal Structures

Students will identify animal structures and their functions
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Students will be able to create diagrams of animals with structures labeled. They will record video commentary explaining the function of each structure.

Grades 3 – 8
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1 Why don't whales have fingers?


Display photos of two very different animals (perhaps a whale and a chimpanzee) on a Keynote slide. Discuss the structures of each animal, emphasizing that different animals have different needs.

2 Information and Image Search

Students will search National Geographic for images of two animals having different structures. They will save each to their camera roll. They will read about each animal to get information about several structures and the function of each.

3 Creating Diagrams

Using Skitch, students will use the arrows and text tool to label some of the structures of each animal, especially those that are not shared by the other animal they selected. Diagrams need to be saved.

4 Adding audio or video


Students will create a Keynote presentation containing a title slide and a slide for each animal. They will insert each saved Skitch photos onto a separate slide. On each slide, they will also insert a video of themselves stating the function of each labeled structure. If they do not wish to be videotaped, they can still use the videotaping for audio only. They will add one blank slide to be used for peer comments and questions.

5 Sharing


Students will view and listen to each other’s presentations in a gallery walk. They can be invited to leave comments and questions on the blank slide by adding their own text boxes. If they write something, they should also write their name. They can also share with their parents through email.