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Animal Research

Primary students will use digital literacy to research key details about animals and their habitats.
Brittany M.
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Fountaindale Elementary
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Students will be able to...

identify key details in a text.

identify the main topic of a text.


English Language Arts
Grades 1 – 2
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1 Hook

Activity: Exploring

4 Corners- the teacher will post 4 different art prints of animals around the room. The teacher will model the protocal of "I see...I think...I wonder". Each students will choose an art print to explore and complete protocal. We will come back together as a group and share our findings. What did all of these art prints have in common? How were they alike? Together we will come up with the main topic of our next unit based on the details from the art prints. 


Student Instructions

The students will each choose an art print to explore. Teh students will complete the "I see...I think...I wonder" protocal. The students will share their details and together decide on the main topic of our new unit. 

2 Direct Instruction

Google Drive
Free, Paid
Free to try, Paid

The teacher will use Google slides to share information about an animal. The students will be researching animals and their habitats. We will work through researching an animal together. The students will be given an organizer to complete research. The teacher will also model how to find information on Pebble Go and Epic! about animals. 

3 Guided Practice

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The students will work together in groups to research their animals using iPads. The students will record their findings on research organizer. 

4 Independent Practice

Free to try, Paid
Google Drive
Free, Paid

The teacher will model how to use technology to researach and then conference with students during research. 

Student Instructions

Students will working independently to complete and organizer. The students will researach to answer questions about animals using PebbleGo and Epic! Students will create a final product to share information. Higher level students can create a PowerPoint or Google Slides. Other students may create a poster or brochure. 

5 Closure

Google Drive
Free, Paid

The teacher will instruct students to score work using success criteria and demonstrate expectations for sharing work. 

Student Instructions

The students will present their findings to the class. Students will use iPads and computers to present if necessary.