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Animal Farm Elections Lesson

Student will use their knowledge of Animal Farm, propaganda, and technology to create a campaign speech.
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Student will use their knowledge of Animal Farm, propaganda, and technology to create a campaign speech.

English Language Arts
Grades 9 – 10
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1 Introduction of Project

Activity: Other — Introduction

Distribute the Student Instructions.

Student Instructions

Using your knowledge of propaganda, put together a campaign for a candidate of your choice from the novel Animal Farm.  This candidate is running for the position as political leader of the farm.

- First, choose a candidate… (Snowball, Napoleon, Boxer, Old Major, etc.)

- Next, write a speech…What does your candidate want for the future of the farm?  How will these ideas be accomplished?  What qualities does your candidate bring?  How do they feel about the other candidates running?  Do you have a catch phrase to repeat?  This speech needs to be a page long. (50 pts.)

- Then, include a visual…How do political candidates get their name out?  

How will your candidate get their name out to the voters on the farm?  Catch phrases?  Symbols?  Create this visual to turn in to me. (20 pts.)

- Finally, in paragraph format identify the different forms of propaganda you 

used in both the speech and visual.  Share the examples of the propaganda used and explain why you chose those specific techniques. (30 pts.)

All three portions of this project will be turned in to me on _____________.

2 Technology Integration - Animation of speech

Voki Classroom
Free to Try, Paid

After students write their speeches, they should use Voki to deliver their speech.  When using Voki, students can easily pick their correct animal from the novel and animate it to recite to speech. 

Other tech resources can be used instead of Voki, such as the Morfo app, which will allow students to achieve a more realistic appearance vs. the cartoon nature of Voki. 

3 Presentation

Have students submit their final projects via Google Classroom.  Students' projects should be presented to the class and propaganda techniques should be discussed.