Lesson Plan

Animal Farm and its Banned Book Analysis

Students will review banned books and evaluate why Animal Farm was a banned book for its location and time period based upon historical content discussed during the reading of the book. This lesson plan is designed to be a summative assessment.
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My Grades 9
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9.R.C1.1 – I can cite information from literary texts to support my claims.
9.R.C1.4 – I can cite information from informational texts to support my claims.
9.R.C3.5 – I can analyze important historical documents and their themes/concepts.
9.SL.C13.1 – I can initiate and participate in collaborative discussions (formal and informal) of varying sizes, taking into consideration diverse perspectives on topics, texts, issues, etc. and respond accordingly.
9.SL.C14.1 – I can present information clearly, allowing my audience to follow my reasoning and organization (appropriate to purpose, audience, and task).

English Language Arts
Grades 9
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1 Hook

Students will answer the following poll everywhere question upon entering the classroom using their cell phones or media devices: What most often gets books banned in a school scenario: sex, profanity, religion, or violence.

Discussion will include how these four topics affect their daily lives as students and which are more prevalent in the literature, tv shows, and movies of which they are familiar.

2 Direct Instruction

Students will watch a slide show listing seven popular banned books using PBS Newshour Extra (http://www.pbs.org/newshour/extra/lessons_plans/a-look-at-the-history-of...).

Students will view a map online that shows challenged books across the country.

Students will summarize their findings in a 1*5 paragraph. What regions have the most banned books? Students will hypothesize why.

3 Guided Practice

Activity: Investigating

Students will examine excerpts of the Animal Farm text and practice close reading through group discussion and a graphic organizer. Why might this excerpt cause Russia to push for banning Animal Farm?

4 Independent Practice

Prezi Classic
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Students will choose a side arguing for or against the banning of Animal Farm based on informational text they have read and information gained throughout the book study.

Students will present their projects.

5 Wrap-Up

Activity: Other — Ticket Out the Door

Students will complete a ticket out the door. Students will answer the following question on a note card with a 1*5 paragraph response: What do school climates and other atmospheres gain by banning books and what do they lose? Students are encouraged to address Animal Farm as an example in their responses.