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Animal Classification Kindergarten

Students will begin basic research
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Compare and contrast groups of animals and look at how animals in these groups are more similar to one another than to animals in other groups.

Students will be able to classify their beanie baby into the proper category.

Students will be able to distinguish the characteristics . between mammal, bird, reptile, amphibian.

Participate in cooperative activities that emphasize listening and speaking skills. 
Use digital tools to gather and share information

Create original works as a means of personal expression. 
Use applications effectively and productively.


Grades K
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1 Hook- Take out all the beanie babies and have the students take a look at them.

Activity: Exploring

Students will be introduced to the 4 different animal families that animals fall under. 

Students will place the beanie babies under the correct animal family.

Students will choose their favorite beanie baby from a animal family.



2 Guided practice

Free to Try, Paid


Students will use books from the library to find out about their animal.

Students will use Pebble Go to research their animal.

3 Independent Practice

Students will draw a picture of their animal using Tux Paint.

4 Direct Instruction

Activity: Other — Note taking

Students at this age do not know how to take notes by writing. Students will take notes by drawing pictures of what they learn about their animal and will use these notes to explain to other students about what family and why their animal is from.

5 Independent practice

Book Creator
Free, Paid

Student's pictures will be added to a book in book creator. Students voices will be recorded on their page explaing what family their animal is from and how they know that.