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Animal Adaptations

Students learn about different adaptations animals can have.
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Students will be able to...research different adaptations animals have to help them meet their needs in their environment.

Grades 3
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1 Hook

Activity: Presenting

Show students a picture of a desert. Ask students if they would be able to fly to a desert right now and be able to survive in that environment. Ask students why or why they wouldn't be able to survive.

Tell students that for them, it might be hard to survive in that environment because they aren't adapted to meet their needs in a desert, but there are lots of living organisms that are able to survive in the desert because they have adapted to meet their needs there.

2 Direct Instruction

Students will be researching animals adaptations and adding it to Popplet.

The teacher will model how to research using National Geographic kids by searching for an animal and reading about that animal to learn about its adaptations.

The teacher will also model how to record the adaptations she researches onto Popplet.

3 Guided Practice

Activity: Exploring

Students will be given a list of animals. With a partner, they will choose one of those animal to research on National Geographic Kids. One student can research on National Geographic Kids and the other student can record the adaptations they are learning onto Popplet so that the work is split up and both partners are participating.

4 Independent Practice

Students will create a Shadow Puppet presentation to show what they learned about animal adaptation from their research. They will add images of their animals and narrate what adaptations that animal has to help it survive in its environment.

5 Wrap-Up

Students will look at each other's Shadow Puppet presentations to learn about the adaptations of other animals their friends researched. *Follow-up activity: Discuss how some animal's might have similar adaptations, especially if they live in similar habitats.