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Angles are all Around

Students will be able to recognize different types of Angles
Laura A.
Postsecondary student
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Students will be able to...

analyze and measure angles using a protractor.
identify angles as right angle, acute angles, straight angles, and obtuse angles.
build and draw right, acute, and obtuse angles.

Grades 4
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1 Hook

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Have students watch this video on YouTube


2 Direct Intsruction

Activity: Exploring

Discuss with children these questions:

How do people in various professions use angles to complete their work?
How do all people use angles in their everyday lives?
How do you ( as a child/student ) use angles?


Some examples:

A baseball player moves across the field at various angles to catch a ball
A football player throws a pass at the correct angle for a receiver to catch the ball
When parking a car a driver uses the concept of angles to park in a particular space, especially when parallel parking
A pilot maneuvers an airplane using a variety of angles to fly and land
A contractor uses angles to build a house, a school, or any structure
A cook holds a knife at various angles to chop and prepare foods
A child uses angles to build a skateboard ramp or a bike jump
A child skis or sleds at various angles to complete a downhill run
A nurse adjusts a bed to create an angle that is comfortable for a patient
A student places books on a shelf at a slight angle to prevent them from tipping over
Umbrella’s can be tilted at an angel in order to stop rain or provide shade

3 Group Practice

Students are put into groups and given one of the following terms on a card...

  • line segment
  • ray
  • parallel lines
  • perpendicular lines
  • obtuse angle
  • right angle
  • acute angle

Students may then use various formats, from drawing to the use of their own body to showcase the term they were given. 

Students should take pictures and then create a collage with PHoto Grid. Other students may then view the collage to figure out what term the group was trying to showcase. 

4 Exit Card

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Have students take this KaHoot quiz before leaving to another class.


5 Independent Practice

Have students practice with these games on the Lesson Path


6 Evaluation

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Have students use Piktochart to display what they have learned about Angles.