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Ancient Civilization

During this lesson students will review the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia
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1.  Explore their types of writing.

2.  Learn the map of the area.

3.  Explore the areas of the Tigris & Euphrates Rivers.

4.  See what their natural environment may have looked like.

Social Studies
World Languages
Grades 4
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1 Digital Mesopotamia

I will print out the Google Image of the Tigris & Euphrates River.

I will print out samples of Mesopotamian Writing or Sumerian Writing.

I will gather key points from various websites used for this lesson & provide a list on the board.  Either by writing them or on the Smart Board technology.  Discussing each topic as I write them.  I will discuss approximately 15 items.



Student Instructions

Students will go into a group setting to draw a hand map of the Tigris & Euphrates Rivers.

Students will engage with discussion while I am adding the topics one by one onto the board.

Students will have homework to find 5 unique things related to the Mesopotamian Era that they found to be interesting.

We will be completing a booklet that will have one page for the religion, one page for the handwriting style, one page for a map of the area, and one page for cultural immersion topics.  This will be worked on over the course of a week throughout class & to be done at home.