Lesson Plan

Analyzing Poetry

Teaches students some basic literary term vocabulary regarding poetry. Students will then use the vocabulary terms to analyze three different poems.
Kelly H.
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My Grades 9, 10, 11, 12
My Subjects English Language Arts, Math

Students will be able to read, comprehend, and analyze poetry.

English Language Arts
Grades 9 – 12
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1 Direct Instruction

Day 1:

  • Display the poem, "Proem" by Oliver Herford. Read over the poem with the students in a small direct instruction group.
  • Discuss any unknown vocabulary using context clues.
  • Poll the class for their response to each multiple choice question. Discuss the reasons why each is wrong. Have students partner up to discuss why the correct answer is right.
  • Read the Type II Short Answer question and have students respond via Schoology and submit into the dropbox.

Day 2:

  • Have students open "The Dawn's Awake" PDF in the app Type On PDF Free or provide students with a paper copy.
  • Guide students through answering the 7 questions after reading the poem together.
    • Demonstrate to students how to highlight important words in the questions to help them identify what they need to answer
    • Answer the questions together, providing prompts on what needs to be included such as quotation marks when quoting lines from the poem for examples.
    • Have them submit in Schoology when finished.
Student Instructions

Day 1:

  • Click on the link for  #"Proem" by Oliver Herford.
  • Highlight any unknown vocabulary. Try to use context clues to determine the meaning of it.
  • Raise your hand as the teacher goes over the questions from the PowerPoint as the teacher polls the class for their response.
  • Answer the Type II short answer question in Schoology and submit it into the Drop Box for Type II: Short Answer Dropbox.

Day 2:

  • Open "The Dawn's Awake" in Type On PDF Free.
  • Answer the questions with the small group.
  • Submit in Schoology when finished.

2 Collaborative

Activity: Creating

Have students create their own Found Poetry with a partner using "The Untitled Story".

Student Instructions

Download and read the attached file. 

Complete the assignment with your partner and submit it here when finished.

3 Independent

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  • Have students create a set of quizlet cards for the assigned vocabulary words.
  • Have students then practice their vocabulary on SpellingCity by assigning various activities.
  • After students have completed "The Dawn's Awake" in the direct instruction station, assign them to answer the questions about the poem, "Sketch" and submit to the dropbox in Schoology.
Student Instructions
  • Create a set of quizlet vocabulary cards with the assigned words in Schoology.
  • Then go to the SpellingCity App and complete the assignment for Poetry Vocabulary.
  • After completing "The Dawn's Awake" in the Direct Instruction station, answer the questions about the poem, "Sketch" and submit to the dropbox in Schoology.