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Analytical Essay Instructional Workshop: Writing an Outline

Students will be able to practice paragraph construction using technology.
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Students will understand basic construction strategies for writing a body paragraph.

Students will assemble a body paragraph based on a given prompt and will receive feedback on their work.

English Language Arts
Grades 11
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1 Hook/Attention Getter

Activity: Conversing

10 minutes - Remind students what we did in the last class and what we are focusing on.  Ask student to center themselves back on what they turned in and the feedback they received.  

Introduce the next phase of the essay, constructing body paragraphs.

Go over the packets and the required elements of the body paragraphs.  

Inform students of the learning objectives and the technology we will use to accomplish them (Padlet).

Student Instructions

Students should pick up their laptops and access the Google doc with their given feedback. 

Students should review the essay packets to know where we are going today.


2 Instructional Activities

Activity: Conversing

Go over the following elements in whole class discussion.  Let students pick topics.

A clear topic sentence
Specific evidence or supporting detail
A concluding sentence that ties the evidence or details back to the main point and brings the paragraph to a close

Student Instructions

While reviewing paragraph elements, students should engage with teacher in choosing a variety of topics to dissect and reassemble into a paragraph.

3 Instructional Activities

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Show the following videos:


​Discuss briefly.


Discuss briefly.


Student Instructions

Watch videos and ask questions if they have any.

4 Instructional Activity

Sort students into pre-arranged groups of 5 – Grouping spans ability levels.

Give writing prompts and have each person take a task to write the following: 

  • Topic sentence with a hook
  • Evidence
  •  Quote/citation
  • Conclusion
  • Transition

Be available in the class to assist with tech and discuss ideas.

Student Instructions

Each group will work together to come up with each item.  Paragraph must flow and must be entered into the Padlet.  Once phrases are done, images and other media may be added.  Each group should share Padlet with teacher.  Students have 45 minutes to complete this assignment.


5 Wrap Up/Conclusion

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Google Drive
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Ask 1-2 groups to share their work.

Assign body paragraph 1 on TSL due to Google docs by Tuesday at 10 pm.

Student Instructions

Students must indicate their personal contributions in the Padlet to earn points.

Body paragraph 1 on The Scarlet Letter is due to Google Docs by Tuesday at 10 pm.