Lesson Plan

American Symbols Come to Life!

In this lesson, first grade students will research an American symbol, and highlight their learning in a Chatterpix creation
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Students will be able to - 

- Use a provided tool to research information on a provided subject

-Write a paragraph to include assigned information

-Verbally share their research through an audio recording app

English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 1 – 3
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1 Hook/Attention Getter

To hook students into this new project, the teacher will create an example Chatterpix Kids that has a recognizable person or item telling the students about their upcoming  assignment (for example, use a picture of the teacher, principal, class mascot, or other important item).  This Chatterpix will not only describe the assignment to the students, it will also be an example for them to see what their final product will look like.

2 Direct Instruction

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The teacher will pull up the PebbleGo website and review with the students how to search for a particular subject.  Using a copy of the information collection sheet that students will ultimately use to conduct their research, the teacher will model searching for a specific topic, reading and/or listening to the information from the website, and writing down two important facts on an information collection sheet.  

3 Guided Practice/Independent Practice

Free to try, Paid

Students will now choose an American patriotic symbol from a list provided by the teacher (sample ideas are: The Liberty Bell, The Statue of Liberty, Uncle Sam, The American Flag, The Bald Eagle, etc).  They will independently research their chosen topic using the PebbleGo research site.  Students are able to read and/or listen to an audio recording of the information.  Students will then write down two facts/pieces of information about their selected symbol.  The teacher will be available to aid students with questions or that need help.

4 Independent Practice

Once the students have completed their research, they will use the ChatterPix Kids app on the iPads to creatively share their information.  Students will take a picture of their chosen symbol, and then make the symbol "talk" about itself by sharing the facts found through the PebbleGo research.  (If students have not used ChatterPix Kids previously, additional time will be needed to show them how this app works.)  Finally, the student will upload and post their ChatterPix Kids video to their Seesaw class in order to share with the rest of the students in the class and their parents.  (This final step is optional based on if you have a Seesaw class or not.  These could also be uploaded to another class blog, website, or additional share site so that the final project doesn't 'die on the machine'.)

5 Wrap Up

Allow students time to explore classmates' postings in order to learn more about other topics.  You may chose to let students like or comment on classmates' posts stating what they learned from viewing someone else's.  This will help increase learning by the students and additionally help students feel pride in the work they have created.