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American Symbols

Students will recognize and know basic facts about American Symbols
Jennifer B.
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East Pennsboro Elementary School
Enola, United States
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My Grades 2
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Students will be able to...

research specific information using reliable online resources

destinguish between and pick out key information needed

record information neatly and accurately

create an attractive and informative presentation


English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 2 – 5
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1 Hook

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Ask students to close their eyes and tell you what they see when you say The United States of America.

Have students turn to their shoulder partner and share what they came up with then share out with the group by raising their hands. 

Explain that these things are called symbols and they represent the USA in different ways. 

Show the student made playlist on Youtube of American Symbols to give students an overview of what the symbols are and what they represent. 

2 Direct Instruction

Show the student made playlist on Youtube of American Symbols to give students an overview of what the symbols are and what they represent. 

Then tell students they will be working in pairs to research, take notes and create an Explain Everything video to teach other students about the American Symbols. 

Pull up the form on the Smartboard that the students will be using. Explain each section and have students ask questions. Show students the materials and websites they can use to gather information about their symbol.

Then open the Explain Everything App and use Reflector to display the device on the Smartboard or Apple TV. Show students how to create slides, drop in photos, text, and use the other features of this app. Model how to record your voice and how to crop photos of themselves standing beside the symbol. 

3 Independent Research

Activity: Reading

Have students work in pairs to research and fill out their form. They can use trade books and approved websites on the netbooks or iPads.


4 Guided Creation

As students complete their research form call them over to work on their Expain Everything presentation. Begin by showing them the rubric with the requirements they will need to meet. Then help them get started searching images and save them using on Google Search.  

5 Present and Share

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Have students upload their finished video to youtube.com. Then share it on Twitter, the class Wikispace and Kidblog. Allow parents and followers to give feedback on their work.



Create movie premiere invitations and invite other second grade classes or parents/community in to watch the finished presentations.