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American Revolution Digital Stories

Explore the American Revolution through the art of storytelling, combined with images, voice and music.
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Essential Question: How have events from the past influenced the present?

Students will be able to...

  • Write a script that takes on the perspective of someone from history.  
  • Share their knowledge of the American Revolution through script writing.
  • Download images and music to use in their movie project.
  • Record their voices reading their scripts.
  • Create a digital story and share to Google Drive.


English Language Arts
Grades 5
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1 Hook

Students will use BrainPop to watch videos related to the American Revolution.  They will then be given three writing prompts to choose from. They will watch teacher samples for each of the three prompts that they can choose from for their inspiration.  Scripts will be written in Google Docs.  Once scripts are written, students will then use the sharing feature in Google Docs to share their writing with peer editors. Students will use the comments feature in Google Docs to provide their feedback.

Writing prompts for scripts:

Persuasive Letter (Teacher Sample): Write a letter that persuades someone of your point of view of the war and for independence.  For instance, if you are writing as a colonist, you would write a letter to King George or a redcoat persuading them why you should be able to be independent from Britain.  If you are writing from the point of view of King George or a redcoat, then you would persuade the colonists why they should stay with British Rule. As you write your script, think about how life would have been different if we would have stayed with British Rule.

Event Diary Entries (Teacher Sample): Write a diary from the perspective of someone involved in the American Revolution (Like a colonist, a redcoat, a Native American, etc).  In your diary, explain what happened in an event form the American Revolution from the point of view of the person that you have chosen, and how that event affected the American Revolution.

Declaration of Independence (Teacher Sample): Tell the story from the point of view of someone who helped to write the Declaration of Independence, like Thomas Jefferson, John Adams or Benjamin Franklin. Explain their struggles with writing the document, why they chose the four sections that they did, and why their involvement helped to change the history of the United States of America.

2 Direct Instruction

Students will use the Library of Congress to find images and music for their digital stories.  As they work, they will also collect information on citing the images and music that they use so that they can create a bibliography at the end of their digital stories.

3 Guided Practice

After writing and editing scripts, collecting music, and images, students will use Popplet (or a tool like Popplet) to storyboard their digital story.

4 Independent Practice

Free, Free to Try, Paid

WeVideo will be used for students to put everything together for their digital story.  They will use WeVideo to record the script that they have written, and then add in the images in the order and way that they shared in their storyboards.  

5 Wrap-Up

Google Drive
Free, Paid

Students will share their final digital stories to Google Drive to share with the teacher and other students.