Lesson Plan

Amazing Animal Adaptations

Students will be exploring the different ways that animals have adapted. Over the course of three classes students will explore and then create an animal that can survive in a rainforest environment. Students will being using Chromebook computers.
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Lincoln Elementary School
North Platte, United States
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Students will be able to...

1. Identify different adaptations

2. Explain how those adaptations help an animal survive

3. Create an animal that could survive in different environments 

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1 Hook

Activity: Assessing

Students will start by coming into science and respond to the prompt, “if I could have any kind of animals teeth, I would choose _________ because...

After students have answered the prompt and given supporting details, have the students share their thinking. (10 mins.) 

2 Direct Instruction

  1. Students listen and watch What If You Had Animal Teeth? 
  2. After students listen to the book, have them work with 2-3 other students to fill out the function of each of the animals’ teeth.
  3. Once students have completed the chart go over as a whole group.  (20 mins)

3 Guided Practice

  1. After students have finished the chart explain that these animals have adapted over time to survive in their environment.
  2. Students will watch a Study Jams video on animal adaptations.
  3. When finished watching the video take quiz. You can use Plicker cards in order to see students understanding or do as a whole class.
  4. Students will get out Chromebooks
  5. Students will go to Build Your Wild Self website. 
  6. Once students have gotten a chance to explore, show the, the other interactive websites. 
  7. Students will need to explore at least three different sites during class. (40 mins) 

4 Independent Practice

  1. Students would be given time to create an animal that would survive in the rainforest biome (teacher can change biome per student or give class the biome)
  2. students are allowed to create animal on the computer or draw it on a poster. 
  3. Students must explain their choices on why they picked the different parts
  4. Students will use recap to show their animal and explain the adaptations that it has made in order to survive. 
  5. Recap videos are only 2 minutes long so make sure that students have practiced what they will say and made notes on what each part does.  (45 mins)

5 Wrap Up

Activity: Assessing
  1. Students will be given a chance to show their video on recap to their classmates. 
  2. After sharing give each student a note card. The students will each write down their definition of adaptation as their exit ticket for the day. 
  3. Read over definitions and pick one to write in science notebook. (15 mins)