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Alternative Energy Resources

This lesson highlights the need for alternative energy resources, and how they create electricity.
Linda B.
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Ligonier Valley High School
Ligonier, United States
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My Grades 9

Students will be able to...

  • Describe the need for alternative energy resources
  • Describe two alternative energy resources in detail, and how they create electricity
  • Describe pros and cons of various alternative energy resources
Grades 9
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1 Direct Instruction Alternative Energy Resources Project Introduction

Teacher wil present basic information on alternative energy using a power-point.  The teacher will emphazie the need for alternative energy, and show video clips from discovery channel 

2 Guided Practice - Student Research on Alternative Energy Resource

The link is a website bank of student resources for the Alternative Energy Project.  Distribute grading rubric, and citation worksheet to students.

Student Instructions

Alternative Energy Project                Physical Science

Description:  You head up the marketing department of ‘Alt- Energy’, which is a company that develops and implements various energy resources that could be used instead of fossil fuels.  Your current project is to research a particular alternative energy source and design a project that will advertise this resource.  Your boss (Mrs. Bowman) takes “truth-in-advertising” very seriously, and she requires your project to include not only advantages but disadvantages as well.  The guidelines are listed below:

Fully describe your energy resource.

Include the definition of any key term(s) that may apply to your energy resource (6 points)
DESCRIBE two reasons why alternative resources are needed (6 points)
DESCRIBE the alternative energy source and explain how it creates electricity(20 points)
INCLUDE two pros and two cons(12 points)
THREE cited sources(6 points)

Remember “Truth-in Advertising!” Include all advantages and disadvantages that your energy resource offers.
Make your video neat and colorful!This is an advertisement that tries to get people to buy your product- the more you sell, the more you earn!

3 Guided Practice - Creation of Alternative Energy iMovie

Using student rubric and citation sheet, the student should create an iMovie on alternative energy.

Student Instructions

Using provided rubric, create an iMovie, on alternative energy project.

4 Evaluation - Peer Edit iMovie, and large group review

Students will peer and eventually show entire class commerical on iMovie.

Student Instructions

Pair-up with a partner and peer edit iMovie, using provided rubric.

Show iMovie to classmates.

5 Hook - Why are alternative forms of energy needed?

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Show YouTube video clip