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A great beginning-of-the-year project to get to know students
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Students will be able to write a paragraph that describes themselves based on a Bubble Map (Thinking Map) and Word Cloud. Their paragraph will then be posted to Voki to create a talking avatar that looks like them.

English Language Arts
Grades 3 – 5
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1 Hook

Free to try, Paid

Show a finished Voki product of the teacher's talking avatar.

Voki is an online tool that allows students to create a talking avatar. The "text-to-speech" feature will take their writing and transform it into spoken words. Students will then begin to notice that if they have spelling or grammar mistakes, their avatar will not talk correctly.

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Creating

After students create a Bubble Map that includes adjectives that describe themselves, they will then make a Word Cloud that creatively presents their writing. For older students, I've used a Google Doc Bubble Map where they can share with someone in the class, and allow classmates to also add adjectives to their Bubble Map. The Word Cloud will be posted on a bulletin board in the hallway. 

For younger students, Wordle can be a challenge, so I've used ABCya's Word Cloud Creator

Steps to create an "All About Me" product:

  1. Create a Bubble Map of adjectives that describe you (share on Google Docs for older grades)
  2. Using the adjectives, copy the adjectives into a Word Cloud
  3. Write a paragraph based on your adjectives that describe you. Include an introduction and conclusion in your paragraph.
  4. Using Voki, create an avatar of yourself and pasted your paragraph in the "text-to-speech" section.
  5. Publish your Voki and teacher will embed them into our school website.


3 Guided Practice

Help students understand the meaning of adjectives, synonyms, and how to use words that are unique and not overused (nice, good, etc.). The Word Clouds that students create should include their name, and at least 10 adjectives.

When Word Clouds are completed, do a mini-lesson on how to convert a list of adjectives into a paragraph, being sure include an interesting introduction and conclusion. 

Formative assessment takes place when they paste their paragraphs into Voki. If student writing does not include commas and periods, their speaking avatar will not sound right. The other teacher assessment takes place when words are not spelled correctly. If a word is not spelled right, it will not sound right when their avatar talks. Students should be able to hear whether the words being spoken match what they wrote, and finding where mistakes may need to be corrected.

For Voki, some students' names may not be pronounced correctly based on the text, in which case using a phonetic spelling might be appropriate.

4 Independent Practice

Activity: Presenting

Students will independently write their paragraph in Word or Google Docs. They should be able to check their spelling and grammar before using Voki to create their avatar.


5 Wrap-Up

Free to try, Paid

Once student avatars are complete, teacher approves their projects and publishes them online.

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