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All about me!

Students will demonstrate understaning in Chinese langauge and culture to introduce themselves.
Wenching C.
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My Grades 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
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Students will be able to...

Use learned vocabulary and sentence patterns  in this lesson to tell people my name, my nationality, my age and my birthday by making a presentation in speaking and writing.

Concepts (To Know)

9 new vocabulary
Form statements in Chinese
Turn statement into questions
Copy cat rules #1 and #2
Address people’s name properly
Read calendar in Chinese

Skills (To do)

Self introduction to give people name, nationality, age, birthday
Giving information about myself in writing
Read and write 30 Chinese words






World Languages
Grades 6
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1 All About Me- Self intro by making a collage


Day 1:

Warm up/Hook: Reviewing Chinese numbers 1-100 by reading and writing.

Direct Instruction

(1). Showing Chinese Calendar and calendar they know

(2)how to read calendar in Chinese

Guided Practice:

  1. Translate dates in Chinese to English
  2. Translate dates in English to Chinese

Independent Practice

More practice


Ready dates in Chinese

Exit Slip:

Say birthday in Chinese to teacher

Enrichment/Intervention can be seen in Homework:

Choice Board

Day 2 and 3:

Warm up/Hook:

Read and write dates in Chinese

Direct Instruction:

Teaching writing Chinese characters using Character writing paper

Guided Practice:

Students following stroke orders to write each characters

Independent Practice

Writing Chinese characters


Recognizing characters game

Day 4:

Warm up/Hook:

Matching Chinese words with Pinyin

Direct Instruction:

1. Possessive words in Chinese

2. Using large size flash cards to show the sentence order and how to ask and answer questions regarding dates.

Guided Practice/Check for understanding:

Say 3 dates to check students’ understanding

Independent Practice

  1. Playing 2 Board Games What day is today?
  2. When is your birthday?


3 minutes prior to the bell rings, teacher draws 3 names and ask about (1) What day is today

(2) When is your birthday

Enrichment/Intervention can be seen in Homework:

Choice Board

Day 5:

Warm up/Hook:

Reading and fill in blank

Birthday cake and two sentences.

Direct Instruction:

  1. Dissecting Chinese character 岁
  2. Sentence Pattern of I am 12 years old and how old are you? Reviewing Copy Cat Rule


Guided Practice/Check for understanding:

  1. Task, Speaking

Practicing saying people’s age by using Board Game. Sentence pattern. name and age


3 minutes prior to the bell rings, teacher draws 3 names and ask “How old are you and when is your birthday?”

Enrichment/Intervention can be seen in Homework: Choice Board

Day 6:

Writing Stations

 Students use the "All about me" template to pre-write and list their sentences.


Photo taking station

  1. Use the iPad camera to take photos of themselves Students save and send to their Gmail account Google share to teacher.


Day 7:

Typing 5 sentences in Chinese

  1. Students use Google Classroom and retrieve a Google document. Typing Chinese All About Me
  2. Students use word to type 5 sentences in Chinese and save to their account. After saved, email and Google share to teacher.


Day 8

Collage Making

  1. Students use PCs "Photovisi" (free) to combine their picture and sentences into a visually interesting and informative story collage.

     2. Students save their Photovisi Collage and email to teacher