Lesson Plan

Africa Isn’t A Country: Combating Stereotypes about Africa

Students will create a social media campaign to combat stereotypes Americans often have about Africa
Marjorie E.
Classroom teacher
Valley Adventist Christian School
Moreno Valley, United States
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My Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11
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Students will be able to... 

-connect research and prior learning with social media communications about Africa

-create one-sentence phrases or sayings that illustrate their learning

-create memes/posters that demonstrate their standpoints

Social Studies
Grades 10
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1 Engage

Teacher will instruct students to go to Poll Everywhere and enter in class code to write 10 words/phrases they associate with Africa. Teacher will then discuss results with students

2 Explore

Teacher will give time for students to read article on their own, and require each student to annotate one-sentence summaries per section in class journals

3 Explain

Activity: Conversing

Teacher-led class discussion: What are some of the fallacies we’ve been led to believe about Africa? How do we know they are fallacies? What does the public need to see/read/know about African countries in order to dispel those stereotypes/fallacies?

4 Elaborate

Activity: Exploring

Teacher will write student suggestions on the board and encourage students to analyze visuals

5 Evaluate


Teacher will instruct students to create (in small groups) a visual and written text that contradicts stereotypes about African countries, which can then be shared on social media.