Lesson Plan


Boost your writing with Adjectives

Students will be able to...use adjectives to describe a picture AND use adjectives in sentences.

English Language Arts
Grades 2 – 4
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1 Hook

The teacher will show the students a picture and ask students to describe the picture.  The teacher will record the responses using Wordle.  After sceral pictures are described, then the teacher will show the students the Wordle cloud and ask students what they see.  This activity should guide students into thinking about adjectives as words that describe nouns.

You may come back to this activity for students practice or even a learning center.

2 Direct Instruction

The teacher can use BrainPop Jr. as one method for introducing or reviewing adjectives.  The movie focuses on adjectives and adverbs so the teacher can use the video to focus in on what is being described- a noun or a verb.  The teacher should do additional practice in locating the adjectives in sentences and locating the noun in the sentence.  Students could type sentences and underline the adjectives.

Brainpop Jr. is very entertaining and provides great examples and additional activities.

3 Guided Practice

Students will describe a monster using adjectives to create an original poem.  Student have some options in a word bank to help them or they can use thier own idea.  The teacher may elect to have the students create a monster to match the poem OR students can write the poem and another studetn can be tasked with drawing the monster.  Though the partner work or through presenting to the class, the students can give feedback and the poem can easily be changed.

4 Independent Practice

The students will be given a mystery picture.  They can look at it but will not share it with the class.  Students will brainstorm ways to describe the picture using adjectives. Each student will create a blabberize project.  They will record themselves describing the picture.  When everyone is done, then the teacher will post all the pictures.  Students will listen to the projects and try to figure out which picture the student is decribing. This is a performance assessment.

5 Wrap-Up

Students can start with a picture of a noun and place sentences that describe the picture.  For example, the student can start with a picture of an elephant.  On the elephants ears, he/she can write "The elephant has enormous ears." and on his feet he/she can write "The elephant has round feet."

The lesson can be differntiated by simply changing the picture OR by asking students to write just adjectives or write sentences.