Lesson Plan

Addition and Subtraction

Students learn addition and subtraction.

Students will be able to recognize the symbols for addition and subtraction. Presented with the task of adding or subtracting, the students will be able to achieve success using a variety of addition and subtraction methods. 

Grades 1 – 3
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Teacher Notes
Student Notes

1 Hook/Attention Getter

Start lesson out with a short game to assess what their prior knowledge it. 

Student Instructions

Short game to begin lesson. 

2 Direct Instruction

Partnering up with traditional lesson instruction, this tool will aid with visuals and explanations of addition and subtraction. 

3 Guided Practice

Interactive activity over the taught material. 

Student Instructions

Students will engage in the addition and subtraction game that is over the material learned. 

4 Independant Practice

Applying learned knowledge, the students will practice addition and subtraction. 

Student Instructions

Applying learned knowledge, the students will practice addition and subtraction. 

5 Wrap Up

Wrapping up the unit, this application will bring all material together and give an overview of knowledge.