Lesson Plan

Addition and Subtraction

An app flow that shows how to add and subtract

Students will be able to... add and subtact numbers 0-10.

Students will be able to work in groups in a variety of different settings.

Students will be able to manage technology on their own wiwth faciliated learning.

Grades 1
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1 Hook


Tell students to create a web about everything they know about math and how they can relate.

Student Instructions

Students will work together in order to create a math web. They will think of things in the real world that relate to math.

2 Guided Practice

Teacher will go over adding and subtracting and give a few examples of addition and subtraction. Then the teacher will show them the app "Numbers and counting adventures" and they will try the app on their own.

Student Instructions

Students will learn about addition and subtraction and then they will explore the app "Numbers and counting adventures."

3 Independent Practice

The teacher will introduce the next app and show the students how to use the app. Each student will work on the app independently.

Student Instructions

The students will focus on subtraction independently with the app "math- decimals subtraction."

4 Wrap-Up

Activity: Assessing

Teacher will bring the class together and ask the students what they learned, what they had fun with, what they had difficulties with.

Student Instructions

The students will briefly discuss addition and subtraction and the apps they used for the lesson.