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In this App Flow students will be introduced to the concept of addition.
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Students will be able to create and solve addition problems with sums up to 10. 

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1 The Hook

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The teacher will have the class watch the Sesame Street - Addition video to introduce the concept of addition.



2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Reading

The teacher will read, If You Were a Plus Sign written by Trisha Speed Shaskan.  Following the story, the teacher will review the addition concept introduced in the story. Emphasis will be placed on the plus sign, and the structure of an addition sentence.

Next, as a whole the class will create some addition stories. The teacher will draw each story on chart paper, again placing emphasis on the plus sign, and the addition sentence.

Student Instructions

Following the story, the students will rotate through four math centers:

At the first center the students will create and color their own addition story.  Students are to use the, If I Were a Plus Sign - Addition Story worksheets.


At the second center the students will play Spill & Add.   Each student will shake the plastic cup filled with 5 two-colored counters, and spill them onto the table.  Next, the student will record the results by coloring the counters on the, Spill & Add worksheet, and write the number sentence.  The student will repeat these steps using the plastic cup filled with 10 two-colored counters.


At the third center the students will play Domino Addition with some large dominos and the, Domino Addition worksheet. Each student will take a random domino from a basket of dominos, draw the dots, and write the addition sentence. 


At the last center the students will solve addition problems using the, Clothespin Math Activity worksheet. The student will solve each problem by choosing the correct numbered clothespin and clip it onto the laminated worksheet. 



3 Guided Practice

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The teacher will direct the students to the IXL website. 

Student Instructions

Each student will complete the kindergarten addition exercises I.1 through I.11


4 Independent Practice

The teacher will direct the students to the Khan Academy website.


Student Instructions

Each student will complete the, Addition Within 5 activities. Students will demonstrate mastery of addition after completing 5 correct problems in a row.

5 Wrap Up

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To review and wrap up the lesson on addition, the teacher will have the students watch the video, When You Add With a Pirate, You Will See.......