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Adding for Preschool

Three and four year old Students will learn how to add.
Adrienne D.
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My Grades Pre-K, K
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Students will be able to add simple math problems using their fingers or pictures. 

Students will have an increase in love and enjoyment for math and numbers.

Students will be exposed to a new use of numbers with the help of technology.

Students will learn how to use technology to help them with math. 

Grades Pre-K
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1 The Hook: How do you feel about numbers?

Activity: Conversing

Discuss with the children how they feel about numbers and math.

Ask open-ended questions such as:

-How do you feel about numbers?

-How important are numbers and math?

-How do you use numbers?

-Can we live without numbers?

Record responses in a Web: Math

Student Instructions

Openly share their concerns and feelings about numbers and math. 

Draw a picture of how they use numbers.

2 Direct Instruction: 10 Little Pigs

Activity: Other — YouTube Video and discussion

Review numbers and how they are represented, for example, 1 = O 2= OO 3 = OOO

and so on.

Ask the children to help count our circles or other symbols for each number.

Show the children the YouTube Video 10 Little Pigs.


For the first time let the story play without pausing.

Now discuss the numbers and pigs represented. Play story again but pause when new number sets are presented. Have children use counting bears or other items to add the numbers. 


Student Instructions

Write down numbers shown in the story in their journal. 

3 Guided Practice: Online Counting

Free to try, Paid

Review numbers and the symbols associated with adding. Set up the students to work on:


Help the children count each object and add the object up. 

4 Independent Practice: Review and Home Learning Guide

Activity: Assessing

Assign three to five math problems to each child and have them solve them on their own. Review home learning with the class and solve each problem before sending it home. 

5 Wrap-Up: Fun with Math

Math Blaster HyperBlast
Free to try, Paid

Show the children the YouTube Video:


Have them solve the problems in their journal. Allow the students to explore and work on the Math Blaster HyperBlast App.